GT Field Director - Washington, DC

Location: Washington, DC

Employer: Grassroots Team

Canvassing Job Summary

Grassroots Team is a groundbreaking progressive company working to move millions of

people and dollars to leading organizations such as Amnesty International, the Humane

Society of the United States, and one of the world’s largest environmental justice

organizations, and more in their work for human rights, democracy, and social, racial, and

environmental justice.

Grassroots Team is working to bring people together to support the world’s most effective

advocacy organizations. We work for the critical mission of fighting to end toxic plastic waste,

standing up to the fossil fuel industry, and working to stop public health crises caused by

climate disasters across our country. We do this on behalf of our amazing non-profit partner

Greenpeace USA.

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Field Directors are the second in charge of a field campaign office on one or more

campaigns, and play an essential role in leading successful, high integrity offices.

Job responsibilities include:

Make a Difference on Issues:

● Lead on the front lines of some of the most critical social change movements in the country fighting for human rights and social justice.

● Contribute new ideas, test new methods of fundraising and mobilization, and help change how social change happens in America.

Manage and Develop Staff:

● Train staff through Grassroots Team’s training program, lead in the office and in the field by example and develop the next generation of leaders to help support and grow their team.

● Train, develop, coach, and manage the team of high performance, high integrity canvassers to train as Trainers who train new canvass staff as well as canvass staff.

● Build a team of fundraising canvassers based on organizational budget goals and expectations.

● Cultivate a welcoming, inclusive, and campaign focused atmosphere.

● Work with the team in individual and group settings, with a particular eye towards developing leaders and recommend promotions to the Canvass Director and Regional Director.

● Consistently communicate and maintain performance and integrity standards.

● Counsel, hire, and fire staff according to Grassroots Team’s personnel policies, and in consultation with the Canvass Director.

Office Management:

● Ensure that all policies on information security are followed and that members’ information is secure.

● Ensure tablets and their software are up to date, secure, and PCI compliant always.

● Ensure all personnel, performance, and other policies are applied correctly and consistently.

● Other tasks as assigned by the Canvass Director and/or Regional Director.

● Work with Field Managers to manage canvassing territories and tracking the progress of each area.

● Assist recruitment team and Canvass Director with recruitment when necessary.

Raise Money:

● Canvass in the field 5 days per week while training new staff and advanced canvassers and trainers.

● Lead by example, performing as one of the top fundraisers in the office.


Our Ideal Candidate:

● 1+ years of previous management, leadership (paid or volunteer), sales, or non-profit experience

● Excellent use of verbal communication skills and body language when communicating face to face

● A strong work ethic and passion for progressive causes

● Is a self-starter, has a positive mindset and motivates teams and the office with ease.

● Goal oriented, determined to succeed, and willing to do what it takes to build their office and the greater movement.

● Experience leading diverse and inclusive teams of staff or volunteers

● Willing and able to canvass door to door four days per week.

● Is comfortable walking for long periods of time up and down stairs and various terrain in all weather.

● Bilingual is a plus

Pay and Benefits

Compensation and Benefits:

● $55,000 annually + performance-based bonuses

● Position will be subject to a training period of 6-8 weeks paid at the hourly rate of $22.10 per hour plus performance based bonuses.

● Promotion to salaried Field Director contingent on successful completion of training

● Medical coverage (after 90 days)

About Grassroots Team

Grassroots Team is the community mobilization organization for progressive groups like Amnesty International, the Humane Society of the United States, and one of the world’s largest environmental justice organizations.. We raise public consciousness and funds in the fight for immigrant rights, voting rights, environmental justice, and all social justices.

Grassroots Team isn’t just an equal opportunity employer. We are actively seeking to build a diverse and inclusive team with a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills to support the incredible diversity of grassroots organizing across the country. GT does not discriminate based upon race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, status as a veteran, or any other characteristics.

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